20 Things to Do at Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

20 Things to Do at Home During Coronavirus Quarantine


As concerts, sporting events, and trips are postponed or canceled, and major attractions and schools are closed, we are advised to stay indoors during this time of the coronavirus pandemic. Taking this advice, we could be facing some boredom while locked indoors. So, let’s fight the quarantine boredom with this list of things to do when you’re stuck at home.

  1. Clean your house.

First things first, if you’re going to be stuck at home for a few weeks, it’s best to begin by cleaning up. Clean homes have been proven to heighten your spirits and alleviate stress, so keep yourself feeling happy when you’re cooped up inside all day by tidying up.

  1. Keep work and home separate.

Though you might not literally be able to keep them separate under quarantine, have a designated area of your house dedicated to work. Set up a working area, keep a to-do list, have a schedule, and try not to distract yourself when you’re in work-mode.

  1. Get to cookin’.

You can’t have many excuses for being too busy, so it’s a great time to start experimenting in the kitchen. Unleash your culinary talents while you’re stuck at home!


  1. Write down some thoughts.

It’s healthy to write down what we’re thinking and what’s going on in our world. Hey, let’s not forget we’re living through historical times, so jot down how you’re feeling.


  1. Connect with your friends.

Missing friends or family? Use Skype or Zoom! Start a chat with your friends or family, share a drink or a cup of coffee together and it’s almost like you’re back having a day out.


  1. Do some exercise.

Don’t let being cooped up indoors keep you from exercising. There’s plenty of free workout routines on YouTube and beyond. Or feel free to just do some squats and lunges in your living room. Whatever suits you!


  1. Practice meditation and yoga.

In addition to getting your blood pumping, take some time for reflection. Meditate, do yoga, and lose yourself for a second. It’ll really help during a time like this.

Check out these yoga-friendly towels to add some style to your zen time.


  1. Listen to a podcast.

It’s a perfect time to start a new podcast! Whether you want to listen while you’re cooking up something delicious or working on your glutes, pick a favorite podcast or discover a new one to spice up the silence.


  1. Check out some online classes.

From MOOC to Brit + Co, there’s plenty of online classes available that you can start instantly.

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses and they’re free online classes from universities. Brit + Co offers cutesy courses led by women in painting, drawing, Adobe software, boosting your Instagram, and more!


  1. Learn a new language.

Download Duolingo, purchase a language Kindle book, or learn online. Spending some time every day learning a language is a great way to stay busy while you’re at home under quarantine.


  1. Catch up on reading.

You might not be able to go out and buy a new book, but it’s a joy to reread a favorite.You can also use your Kindle or download the Kindle app on your phone for access to thousands of other books.


  1. Get some sun.

Don’t forget to nourish yourself with some vitamin D. Open your windows or curtains and spend some time on your balcony or porch.


  1. Have a spa day.

Quarantined on a Saturday? You might not be able to hit the clubs, so treat yourself to something even better: a warm bubble bath and a glass of wine.


  1. Research a future travel destination.

Research a place to travel to after the coronavirus outbreak has calmed down. Maybe Costa Rica or a trip to Prague? Head to Pinterest or crack open your travel guides and get to planning a future adventure new or familiar.


  1. Play board games.

Nothing like a good ole board game to pass the time!Dust off your favorite board games and bring the family together for a game.

Don’t forget cards, puzzles, and made-up games can be a blast, too!


  1. Have a dance party.

Lift your spirits by turning up the tunes and doing a little dance.Whether you want to groove solo or with your fellow quarantine-ers, dancing is a great way to relieve stress and feel good.


  1. Watch movies.

Who doesn’t love movies? Instead of just picking a movie, you can write down a list of potential movies on separate pieces of paper, and then draw from a hat and that’s the movie you watch.


  1. Draw something.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be beautiful or complex, but there’s fun in drawing and you never know what you might come up with.


  1. Do an indoor scavenger hunt.

If you’re not stuck at home alone, have some fun by playing an indoor scavenger hunt. It can be as silly or complex as you wish!


  1. Make the most of your time.

Take this opportunity to learn something new, work on goals, connect with your friends or family, and cherish this precious life.

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Christa Adams is a writer, photographer, and sustainable traveler based in Barcelona. She’s been traveling solo since 2014 has a passion for the outdoors, coffee culture, and exploring quaint European towns. Follow her adventures at www.thespiritedexplorer.com

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